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California Healthy Families Plan cleans up waiting list

January 22, 2010

At the Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board (MRMIB) public meeting on December 16, 2009, staff reported that the HFP wait list had been cleared and all wait list applications had been processed. The MRMIB was able to determine that there was sufficient program funding to reopen the HFP to new enrollment when additional funds were allocated by the First 5 Commission; Managed Care Fee implemented by Chapter 157, Statutes of 2009; and changes that reduced program costs.

At its peak the HFP wait list reached approximately 50,000 applications and had approximately 93,000 children on it. It accumulated during the two month period that the HFP was closed to new enrollment (July 17, 2009-September 17, 2009). Since the HFP reopened to new enrollment, over 80,000 children have been enrolled to-date


California Healthy Families Program leaves thousands uninsured

August 19, 2009

Thousands of families are losing health insurance coverage for their children thanks to budget cuts in the California Healthy Families program. Up to 600,000 could eventually lose their health insurance if additional funds cannot be obtained for the program. For those who have lost their Healthy Families insurance coverage, they can obtain low cost health insurance. In fact there are health insurance plans for less than $3 a day. California residents can find out more by calling (866) 606-2261 or visiting

Note: Thanks for a last minute infusion of funds from First5, there will be no cuts in the Healthy Families program!